If you fill in a URL for the URL for News Feeds setting, a "News from Company Name" (where Company Name is the value of the Company Name configuration setting) function appears in the Help menu. This function downloads RSS content from the specified URL and displays it in a news reader dialog. Also, if the user has the Check for news items at startup setting turned on in the Options dialog, Stonefield Query will check the URL for new content once a day when it starts up. If you have a blog or RSS news channel, this is a great way to provide news announcements to your users, who may not be familiar with feed readers and don't normally read your blog.

Stonefield Query supports both the RSS 2 and Atom specifications for RSS feeds. Here's an example, which happens to be the RSS feed for the Stonefield Query blog:


Set the Tag for News Feed configuration setting to initially filter the list of news items to just those with a specific tag, such as a product name.

This setting is only available in the Ultimate version of Studio.

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