If the Load last project at startup option is turned on, Stonefield Query Studio opens the project you worked with the last time you used it. If you wish to open a different project, click the Open Stonefield Query Project button () in the toolbar and select the folder containing the desired project files in the Locate Stonefield Query Project dialog that appears. Stonefield Query Studio closes any current project files and opens the selected ones.

To open a previously opened project, click the down arrow beside the Open button and choose the desired project path from the list that appears or select the project from the Recent Projects section of the Start Page.

You can pass a parameter to Stonefield Query Studio, telling it to automatically open a particular Stonefield Query project. To do so, add "project=" followed by the directory where the Stonefield Query project files are located to the command line.

You can also open a project by dragging SFQuery.INI to the Start Page of Stonefield Query Studio. This is a quick way to open a project you haven't previously opened and you have a Windows Explorer window open for the project folder.

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