This feature is only available in the Ultimate version of Studio.

The Stonefield Query executable, SFQuery.exe, has a generic file description of "Report Designer/Viewer." You can see this if you right-click SFQuery.exe, choose Properties, and select the Details page. You can also see it in the Windows taskbar when you run Stonefield Query. This is necessary for Stonefield Query to be brandable, because you likely don't want your users seeing "Stonefield Query." However, you may want them to see your customized name (the Application Name configuration setting).

The Change SFQuery.EXE Description function in the File menu changes the file description of SFQuery.exe to the name of your project. Also, Stonefield Query report files, which have an SFX extension, display "<your app name> Report file" as the file type in Windows Explorer rather than "SFX file". You should use this function before creating a setup executable.

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