Stonefield Query comes with two built-in report templates: Standard and Elegant. It also includes several sample templates in the Sample Templates folder under the Stonefield Query program directory. This folder is included by default in your setup script so the first time a user runs Stonefield Query, it automatically imports any templates it finds in that folder.

If you don't wish to distribute specific templates to your users, remove them from that folder. If you want to distribute a customized version of any of those templates, edit it using the Template Editor (available under the Tools menu), export it to an SQT file using the Export function in the Template Editor, and put it into the Sample Templates folder, overwriting the existing template. To distribute new templates, create them in the Template Editor and export them to the Sample Templates folder.

If you want a particular template to be the default one for your users, edit your setup script to create a DefaultTemplate entry with that template's name as the value in the Windows Registry under:


where CompanyName and ApplicationName are the values of the Company Name and Application Name configuration settings. For example, for an Inno Setup script, add the following under the existing [Registry] section (although it's shown on two lines here, it should be a single line in the script file):

Root: HKCU; Subkey: "Software\CompanyName\ApplicationName\Options";
    ValueName: "DefaultTemplate"; ValueType: string; ValueData: "My Template Name"

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