Some database engines, such as Microsoft Access or older versions of Oracle, do not work properly with joins between tables specified in a JOIN clause of a SQL statement. Instead, they expect joins to be specified in the WHERE clause. For example, instead of using the following SQL statement for a query joining four tables:

select Products.ProductName,Customers.CompanyName
  from [Order Details]
    inner join Orders
      on [Order Details].OrderID=Orders.OrderID
    inner join Products
      on [Order Details].ProductID=Products.ProductID
    inner join Customers
      on Orders.CustomerID=Customers.CustomerID

use the following instead:

select Products.ProductName,Customers.CompanyName
  from Products,[Order Details],Orders,Customers
  where [Order Details].OrderID=Orders.OrderID and
    [Order Details].ProductID=Products.ProductID and

Set the Include Joins in the WHERE Clause setting to True if your database engine requires joins specified in this manner.

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