Stonefield Query comes with a couple of utilities that allow you to import reports created with FoxFire!, a reporting system from MicroMega Systems, into Stonefield Query reports. Due to differences between FoxFire! and Stonefield Query, the reports you import may not look the same in Stonefield Query, so you may have to edit the report, but the import utilities do the majority of the work in the conversion process.

To import FoxFire! reports, do the following steps.

  • Follow the instructions that come with FoxFire! to export the reports you're interested in.

  • Unzip the file created by the export process. We recommend unzipping this file into an empty folder.

  • In Visual FoxPro, run either IMPORTFF.PRG or IMPORTFFXML.PRG (both are located in the Utilities subdirectory of the Stonefield Query directory), depending on whether you're using an older version of FoxFire! that saves exports as DBF files or a newer version that uses XML. In either case, pass the PRG three parameters (you are prompted with an Open File dialog for any you do not pass):

    • the name and path for the FoxFire! preferences file (usually called FFPREFER.DBF in the folder you unzipped the export file into) in the case of IMPORTFF.PRG or the name of the XML file in the case of IMPORTFFXML.PRG.

    • the name and path of the Stonefield Query reports table you want to store the reports in (REPORTS.DBF in the appropriate folder).

    • the name and path of the Stonefield Query data dictionary table (REPMETA.DBF in the appropriate folder).

    The utility creates a report for each FoxFire! report in the export set.

  • After this process is done, you may edit the report layouts if desired to make them look more like the original FoxFire! reports.

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