Stonefield Query makes it easy for the end-user: if they select fields from more than one table, they don't have to specify how to join those tables. Stonefield Query's data dictionary has information about the relations between pairs of tables, so it determines how to join all the tables involved in the report with that information.

When you add a database to the data dictionary, Stonefield Query tries to read information about the relationships between tables from the data source. If the data source doesn't contain any relationship information, either because the database engine doesn't support that information or because the database designer didn't define any relationships in the database, you have to define the relationships between the tables using Stonefield Query Studio.

To create a new relation between a pair of tables, click the Create button () when the "Relations" node or when a specific relation node for either table is selected in the TreeView; alternatively, you can click the drop-down arrow beside the Create button and choose Create Relation from the menu, or choose Create Relation from the Objects or shortcut menus. You can also specify that the relation is on a specific field by selecting that field in the TreeView and choosing Create Relation on Field function from the Objects or shortcut menus, or the drop-down menu for the Create button.

Select the two tables involved in the relation in the properties pane, as well as the fields involved in the join.

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