How do I save changes I make in Stonefield Query Studio?
There is no "save" button to save changes. Stonefield Query automatically saves any changes unless you specifically click the Revert button in the toolbar.

I've created several Stonefield Query projects in different directories. However, when I run each of them, I see the same set of reports for all of them.

The first time you run Stonefield Query for a given project, you're asked where you want it to store its data files (such as reports). However, if you didn't give each project a unique Application Name, then the Windows Registry only has a single entry for all of them. Thus, even though their metadata and configuration files come from different directories, they all use the same directory for reports. To fix this, change the Application Name property of each project to something unique.

I'm querying against Visual FoxPro databases. Although the databases used by different data sources all have the same structure (that is, the same tables), not every database has the same name. How do I handle this in Stonefield Query?

In additional to a GetDataSources script for the database to define the different physical databases for each data source, create a DataEngine.GetCustomMetaData script to customize the data dictionary whenever a data source is selected. The Location property of each table is normally blank for tables contained in a database (it's normally only used for free tables), but if you fill it in with an appropriate value, Stonefield Query will ignore the database name when trying to open the table. Here's an example of such a script:

lparameters toApplication as SQApplication
local lnI, loTable as Table
for lnI = 1 to toApplication.DataEngine.Tables.Count
  loTable = toApplication.DataEngine.Tables.Item(lnI)
  loTable.Location = loTable.Alias + '.dbf'
next lnI
return .T.

I've created a calculated field and want to turn on the Enumerated Values option in the Special page, but it's disabled.

A calculated field cannot also be an enumerated field. The reason is that the Output Expression property is used for enumerated fields, so it cannot contain a different expression to calculate the value.

My users get a "HH_HELP_CONTEXT called without a [MAP] section" error when they used the help (CHM) file I customized for them using the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.

Stonefield Query generates the project files for your custom help file in a particular directory. If you move the files to a different directory, you must edit the #INCLUDE statement in the [MAP] section of the SFQUERY.HHP file to specify the correct path for the SFQUERY_HELP.H file.

I'm getting an error when I click the New project button in Stonefield Query Studio's toolbar.

This is caused by certain operating systems. To avoid this, create a file in the program folder called SFQEditor.INI with the following content:


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