You may wish to use the same set of scripts in more than one project. For example, you may have created a project for an accounting application. Then, you may have created a project for a contact management system. Now, you wish to create a project that links tables from both these systems. Rather than recreating the scripts for these two applications, you can simply add them to a new project.

The best way to do this is to rename the script files (SFSCRIPT.DBF, SFSCRIPT.CDX, and SFSCRIPT.FPT) in the first project directory to something applicable (such as ACCTSCRIPT.DBF, CDX, and FPT) and copy them into the second project directory. Then, edit the SFQUERY.INI file to specify the additional script file:


You may also wish to add the existing data dictionary files to the project as well.

The last file listed is the one new scripts added in Stonefield Query Studio are written to. Edits to existing scripts are written to the file they're defined in.

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