Prompts the user for the value of a stored procedure parameter.

public Values GetValuesForParameter(string Caption,
	string DataType,
	int Length,
	int Decimals,
	string Operator);

Return Value

A collection of value objects. A value object has a single property, Value, which contains the value the user entered for the field value. If the user chooses Cancel rather than entering a value, the collection Count property is 0. Otherwise, the collection contains two members for the between and not between operators, up to ten members for the is one of and is not one of operators, and one member for the others.


The caption to display to the user.

The data type for the value. See the Field Object topic for a list of valid data type values.

The maximum size of the value.

The number of decimal places.

The operator to use; one of the following: equals not equals begins with not begins with contains not contains greater than greater than or equal less than less than or equal between not between is one of is not one of is known is unknown is blank is not blank.


See also:

Class DataEngine

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