Stonefield Query makes extensive use of collections of objects. For example, the Fields collection is a collection of Field objects, each one of which represents a field in a table in one of the databases of the application. All collections are derived from a collection class, so they all have the same properties and methods (although some collections may add additional properties and methods as needed).

Note that collections do not support the FOR EACH construct and must be iterated using the Count property and Item method, such as:

for I = 1 to Collection.Count
   Object = Collection.Item(I)


NameData TypeDescription
CountNumericThe number of objects in the collection.
ErrorMessageStringThe text of any error that occurs.


AddItemReturns a new member object.
ClearRemoves all items from the collection.
ItemReturns a member of the collection.
RemoveItemRemoves a member of the collection.

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