Is the annual software maintenance fee for the SDK only?

It also applies to each end-user copy you install. Here's how it works:

  • We invoice you when your software maintenance is due.

  • You invoice your end-users.

It doesn't get simpler than that!

I have private labeled (branded) my customized version of Stonefield Query. When we activate a copy for a client, whose information (name, address, etc.) do we submit to Stonefield?

Your information. Since it's your branded product, we don't need to know anything about your client (nor do you want us to).

What is the best way to roll-out an update to our clients?

The user can configure Stonefield Query to automatically check for newer versions. It checks the URL you specify in the URL for Online Updates configuration setting, so you have control over when updates are available. Simply place a file named FILES.XML (you can specify a different file name in the Updates File for Online Updates setting) along with the files that make up the update (which could be core Stonefield Query files we've updated as well as your project files that may have changed) at that URL and Stonefield Query will take care of the rest. See the Updating Stonefield Query to the Latest Version help topic for details.

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