Can I run Stonefield Query reports from my application?

Yes; see the Running Stonefield Query from Other Applications topic.

I have a number of "standard" reports I want to provide to my users. How do I do that?

See the Providing Sample or Standard Reports topic.

One of my user's reports is running very slowly. How can I determine where the problem is?

Turn on "diagnostic" mode, then run the report. Afterward, you'll find a file called DIAGNOSTIC.TXT in the Data subdirectory of the Stonefield Query program directory containing information about the report run, including what happened at each stage in the process and how long it took. If this information doesn't help you track down the problem, contact Stonefield Technical Support; we can likely help you track it down. Remember to delete LOG.TXT after you're done with it, since generating the log information does impact performance a bit.

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