The ReportEngine object provides an interface to retrieve information about reports and folders and to run reports. It's not intended to be used from Stonefield Query scripts but rather from code in your application via the SQProxy object. This allows you to run reports from other applications without displaying the Stonefield Query user interface.


The ReportEngine object has the following properties, both of which are read-only:

NameData TypeDescription
ErrorMessage String the text of any error that occurs.
ReportRunCancelled Boolean True if the user cancelled the report run, such as by clicking Cancel in the ask-at-runtime dialog.


EditReport Displays the wizard so the specified report can be edited.
GetFolders Returns a collection of folders.
GetReport Returns information about the specified report.
GetReports Returns a collection of reports in the specified folder.
NewReport Displays the wizard to create a new report.
PreviewReport Previews the specified report.
PrintReport Prints the specified report.
RunReport Runs the specified report and returns it as a string.
RunReportToFile Runs the specified report, outputting it to the specified file.

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