If you already have a data dictionary for your application's data, you may wish to fill Stonefield Query's data dictionary with that information automatically rather than doing it manually in Stonefield Query Studio. For example, a popular ERD tool called xCase stores complete information about a database in a set of data dictionary tables. Since Stonefield Query's data dictionary is a table (REPMETA.DBF), it's a relatively simple process to create or update it from another data dictionary.

REPMETA is an overloaded table; that is, it contains records for databases, tables, fields, and joins, with a record type column (RECTYPE) used to distinguish each record type. See the Data Dictionary Table Structure topic for details on the structure of this table and what contents to put into each column for the different record types.

You can also update the data dictionary from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, XML file, or from a Visual MaxFrame Professional data dictionary.

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