This script is called when the user changes the value of a custom setup setting (which is defined in a Setup.Settings script) in the Setup dialog. It allows you to ensure the value entered by the user is valid.

Note that this method may also be called at other times, such as when the Setup dialog first appears, to determine whether the Finish button should be enabled.

If your Options.Settings and Setup.Settings scripts are the same, you may wish to use the same code you have in Setup.Validate in an Options.Validate script. The best way to do that is to create a user-defined script with the necessary code and call that script from both Options.Validate and Setup.Validate.

A reference to the Stonefield Query Application object, the Registry key for the custom setting as defined in the Setup.Settings script, and the value entered by the user.

Return Value
The text of an error message if the value is invalid or an empty string if it is valid.

See the examples in Options.Validate.

See also

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