The SetINIValue method stores a value into an INI file. This method, along with GetINIValue, is useful if you need to store a custom value in an INI file and retrieve it for any purpose.


SetINIValue(INIFile as String, Section as String, 
    Entry as String, Value as String) as Boolean

The fully-qualified path to the INI file. Pass an empty string for this parameter to use Data.ini in the Data subdirectory.

The section in the INI file where the value is stored (if the section doesn't exist, it's added). Pass NULL to remove the section from the INI file.

The name of the entry for the value (if the entry doesn't exist, it's added). Pass NULL to remove the entry from the INI file.

The value to store.

Return Value
True if the value was stored or False if not.

See GetINIValue for example code.

See also

Application Object | GetINIValue | SetRegistryValue

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