Stonefield Query has a powerful query builder engine under the hood. Based on which fields are used in the query, how the query is filtered, and how the results are sorted, it generates a SQL statement for the query. There may be times, however, when the requirements of a specific report means the generated SQL statement may not quite be right. For example, a particular report may need a full outer join rather than an inner join or a left or right outer join.

If you set the User Can Edit SQL Statement setting to True (the default), and the user is defined as Advanced in the Maintain Users and Groups dialog in Stonefield Query, one of the steps of the Customize Report Wizard (invoked by clicking the Advanced button in Step 2 of the Quick Report and Label Wizards or Step 3 of the Cross-Tab or Chart Wizards) is Customize SQL Statement. In this step, the user can change the SQL statement used for the report. Obviously, only someone familiar with the SQL language should do this, but power users or developers may use this to create reports for other users.

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