A User object contains the properties for a user that has access to Stonefield Query. This object has no methods.


All properties are read-write.

NameData TypeDescription
Administrator Boolean True if this user is in the Administrators role.
Advanced Boolean True if this user has access to the Advanced Report Designer and certain pages in the Customize Report dialog.
CanCreateReports Boolean True if this user can create reports; ignored if License is Basic or Viewer
Email String The user's email address. This isn't required.
FirstName String The user's first name. This isn't required.
LastName String The user's last name. As with FirstName, this isn't required.
License Integer The user's license type: 1 = Basic, 2 = Ultimate, 3 = Viewer (for backward compatibility)
Password String The user's password (encrypted).
Roles String A comma-delimited list of roles the user belongs to. You don't have to add "Everyone" to the list; if it's omitted, it's automatically added.
UserName String The login name for the user.

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