If you used Stonefield Reports, an older product from Stonefield Software Inc., you probably recognize that Stonefield Query is the successor to it, and may wonder how to convert a set of Stonefield Reports data to Stonefield Query. Here's how:

  • Create a new Stonefield Query project, then close Stonefield Query Studio.

  • Copy REPMETA.DBF, CDX, and FPT and REPORTS.DBF, CDX, and FPT from your Stonefield Reports project to the new project directory.

  • Start Visual FoxPro and run ConvertSFReports.PRG in the Utilities subdirectory of the Stonefield Query directory. When asked for the locations of REPMETA.DBF and REPORTS.DBF, select the ones in the new project directory. When asked for the location of the database the tables specified in REPMETA, select the appropriate database container or click Cancel if they are free tables.

  • Use Stonefield Query Studio as you would with any other project.

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