Once the unactivated period has expired, Stonefield Query displays a dialog every time the user starts it asking if they want to register for an additional 30 days. If they choose to do so, they're asked to enter some information (name, company, address, email address, and so forth) and submit the registration. This information is automatically emailed to the email address specified in the Sales Email configuration setting so you know who has downloaded a demo version. You can control how long the demo period is with the Number of Days for Demo Version setting.

Also, when a user's software maintenance is about to expire, they're remind of this and provided contact information for software maintenance renewal, including the email address, which also comes from the Sales Email setting.

The default value is "sales@stonefieldquery.com." Change this to your sales email address to private-label or brand Stonefield Query.

This setting is only available in the Ultimate version of Studio.

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