Version 7.6

These are the new features in the Stonefield Query SDK. See the Stonefield Query help file (SFQuery.chm) for new features in the Report Designer.

  • Three new files have to be distributed with Stonefield Query: SMTPLibrary2.dll, Library32.fll, and WinGraphViz.dll. Be sure to update or regenerate your installer script.

  • You can now visually see the relationships for a table by clicking the View Relations button in the Properties pane for a table.

  • ODBCDataSource has a new property: ConnectionFailureMessage, which is the text of any error that occurs when connecting to the database.

  • The new ReportEngine.OnFinishWizard script allows you to execute code when the user clicks the Finish button in a report wizard.

  • The new Quiet property of the Application object allows you to determine when Stonefield Query is running without displaying any user interface, such as when running a scheduled report.

  • The Log method of the Application object can now handle format strings. This saves having to concatenate strings together for more complex log entries.

  • The SaveEmailSettings method of the Application object now accepts Timeout, UseMailKit, and Logging parameters.

  • Field captions are now read from IBM DB2 databases.

  • The Options.Settings script can now access the Options dialog using the OptionsForm object. This allows you, for example, to programmatically remove a page from the Options dialog.

  • The GetReportHeader method of the Report object now accepts a parameter indicating that only the header should be returned, omitting the filter.

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