Version 7.0

These are the new features in the Stonefield Query SDK. See the Stonefield Query help file (SFQuery.chm) for new features in the Report Designer.

  • Multiple license types are now available besides just Report Designer and Report Viewer. This allows you to decide what set of features you would like to have.

  • The DataEngine object has a new UserCancelled property that contains True if the user clicked Cancel when prompted for a parameter value. It also has a new CancelReport method you can call from script code that stops the run of a report if, for example, the user clicks Cancel when GetValueForField or GetValueForParameter is called.

  • The User object has a new CanCreateReports property that indicates whether the user can create reports or not.

  • The Application object has new License and BatchReportRunning properties. Also, changing the value of CanEditReports is ignored if the user has a Basic license.

  • The GetValueForField and GetValueForParameter functions now accept a parameter indicating which value for "is between" and "is one of" conditions is returned.

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