Version 7.2

These are the new features in the Stonefield Query SDK. See the Stonefield Query help file (SFQuery.chm) for new features in the Report Designer.

  • A new DLL has to be deployed with Stonefield Query: InTry.dll. Be sure to add it to your installer script.

  • The Report object has new DisplayGridLines and MergeType properties.

  • The Field object has a new DisplayExpression property.

  • A report with a link action on a field that's output to HTML now includes the anchor tag for the linked field. This allows you to do something when the HTML document is displayed in a Web Browser control in a form (obviously it won't work when the document is displayed in a browser).

  • You can now implement the Google Custom Search Engine into deployed HTML help files for better searching. To support this, a new configuration setting, Google Custom Search ID, was added.

  • You can now pass a blank string for the INI file when calling the GetINIValue and SetINIValue methods of the Application object to use Data.ini in the Data subdirectory.

  • The CreateObject method of the Application object can now accept a single parameter: the class name to instantiate. This requires that the class be one of the built-in Stonefield Query classes.

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