The Tools menu provides infrequently used functions. These functions are:

  • Change Password: this function allows you to change your password.

  • Maintain Users and Groups: this function is used by an administrator to add, edit, or delete users authorized to access Stonefield Query and define what groups each user belongs to. Groups are an essential part of the security system in Stonefield Query.

  • Display Logged in Users: this function displays a list of those users currently logged into Stonefield Query.

  • License Manager: this function is used by an administrator to manage Stonefield Query licenses.

  • Schedule Report: this function allows you to schedule the selected report so it runs automatically at a particular time.

    The scheduler is not available if you are running Stonefield Query on Citrix.

  • Scheduled Tasks: this function displays the Scheduled Tasks dialog, which allows you to display the status of your scheduled reports, including last run date and result, and edit or delete schedules.

    This function is not available in versions of Windows prior to Vista or if you are running Stonefield Query on Citrix.

  • Template Editor: this function allows you to create, edit, delete, import, and export report templates.

  • Formulas: this function brings up the Formulas dialog.

  • Import Email Addresses: use this function to import email addresses from other applications such as Microsoft Outlook for use when emailing reports.

  • Check New or Updated Sample Reports: this function, which only appears if sample reports are available, identifies sample reports that don't appear in the Reports Explorer or have been updated from the ones you have and allows you to select which ones to import.

  • Usage Reporting: Stonefield Query keeps statistics on who ran what report when. This function, which is only available for Administrators and only if you haven't turned it off, allows you to create and run reports on the statistical data so, for example, you can determine which reports aren't used very often.

  • Find Reports: this function allows you to find reports using a variety of criteria.

  • Options: this allows you to configure Stonefield Query so it works properly for you.