Page Info objects show the current date, page number, page count, or "Page X of Y" on a report. The following are properties specific to Page Info objects.

Behavior section

  • Format: the format for the display. Format can contain text as well as the date or number. For example, "Page {0} of {1}" when Page Information is set to "Current of Total" Page Numbers displays something like "Page 3 of 5." "Today's Date: {0:d}" displays "Today's Date: 04/03/2015" for a report run on that day.

  • Page Information: what the object should display. The choices are:

    • None: displays nothing.

    • Number: displays the page number.

    • NumberOfTotal: displays the page number and the page count.

    • RomLowNumber: displays the page number using lower-case Roman numerals.

    • RomHiNumber: displays the page number using upper-case Roman numerals.

    • DateTime: displays the current date and time

    • UserName: displays the Windows user name.

    • Total: displays the page count.

  • Running Band: the band the page information is based on. None means it's not based on any band. The drop-down list also includes any group header bands. Setting Running Band to a group header band affects the page number and page count if the group resets the page number to 1. For example, the first group might show "Page 1 of 2" and "Page 2 of 2", then the second group might show "Page 1 of 5," "Page 2 of 5," and so on.

  • Start Page Number: the number to start numbering pages from. The default is 1.

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