A report's advanced layout is edited in the Report Designer window. The Report Designer window consists of the following components:

  • Toolbar: the toolbar at the top of the Report Designer window provides functions to:

    • save the layout (in the menu button, )
    • quit without saving (in the menu button)
    • cut, copy, paste, and delete the selected object
    • undo or redo your last action
    • zoom the layout in or out
    • access the scripts for the report (the button)
  • Layout Area: displays the layout of the report.

  • Toolbox: the Toolbox at the left edge of the Report Designer window provides objects you can add to the layout area of the report. To add an object to the report, drag it from the Toolbox to the desired location in the layout area. See the Objects topic for information on the objects available.

  • Properties Panel: displays the properties, or settings, for the objects in a report.

  • Field List: displays the fields and parameters in the result set for the report.

To close the Report Designer, close the browser tab it appears in.

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