You have control over the location of the Report Layout designer tool windows such as the Tool Box or the Property Grid. The Pin button in the upper right corner switches the tool window between "dock" and "auto-hide" modes. In dock mode, the window is always visible. In auto-hide mode, the window is normally hidden but "flies out" when you move your mouse pointer over the tab that appears at the edge of the Report Layout Designer window when the tool window is in auto-hide mode. Clicking the Close button for the tool window hides the window altogether; you can redisplay it by choosing the appropriate item from the Windows button in the View section of the ribbon.

You can also make the tool window into a "floating" window by dragging its title away from its docked position. You can then position the window anywhere you wish and resize it as desired. To re-dock the window, drag it to edge of the Report Layout Designer window you want to dock it to until you see the following semi-transparent docking controls appear:

Click the appropriate button in the control to choose where to dock the window. For example, click the leftmost button to dock to the left side of the Report Layout Designer window, the topmost button to dock to the top edge, and so on.

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