The following are properties specific to Table of Contents objects:

  • Level Default: specifies the settings for bookmarks that appear in the table that aren't associated with a specific level setting (see the Levels property). The sub-properties are:

    • Back Color: the background color.

    • Font: the font settings.

    • Fore Color: the foreground (text) color.

    • Height: the height.

    • Indent: how much to indent each level.

    • Leader Symbol: the character to use between the end of the bookmark text and the page number. The default is "." so a row of periods appears.

    • Padding: the amount of space around the text as a margin. The sub-properties are All (setting this sets all the others to the same value), Bottom, Left, Right, and Top.

  • Level Title: specifies the settings for title of the table of contents. It has the same sub-properties as Level Default plus Text, the text to display, and Text Alignment, the alignment for the text.

  • Levels: allows you to define the formatting at each level. Click the "..." button to display the Table of Contents Level Collection Editor.

    To add a new level, click the Add button. To remove the selected level, click Remove. Click the up or down arrow to change the position of the selected level. At the right are the properties you can set for the selected level; these are the same properties as for Level Default. Any bookmark that falls into the level uses these settings. For bookmarks that don't fall into a defined level, the setting of Level Default are used.

  • Max Nesting Level: the maximum number of nesting levels.

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