The Report Explorer window displays the various objects that make up the report. Each item in the list displays the appropriate icon for the object type and the name of the object. To display the Report Explorer, click its tab at the bottom of the window containing both the Report Explorer and Field List.

See the Controlling Tool Windows topic for information on controlling the location of the Report Explorer.

Clicking an object in the list selects it in the Layout Area and displays its properties in the Properties Grid. Right-click the object to display a shortcut menu with the following choices:

  • Bring to Front: brings the object to the front of the object order so it's on top of any objects it overlaps.

  • Send to Back: sends the object to the back of the object order so it's behind any objects it overlaps.

  • Align to Grid: moves the object so its top and left edges are on grid lines.

  • Cut: removes the object and places it on the Clipboard so it can be pasted somewhere else if desired.

  • Copy: copies the object to the Clipboard so a duplicate of it can be pasted somewhere else if desired.

  • Paste: pastes the object on the Clipboard into the Layout Area. This is only enabled if an object was previously cut or copied.

  • Delete: removes the object.

  • Zoom: zooms the Layout Area to the selected size.

  • Properties: maximizes the Property Grid.

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