Stonefield Query seems quite slow when I run a report.

This can be caused by a lot of things, some of which you likely can't control (such as a busy network, a slow network, etc.) and others you can. Note that rendering a lot of pages can take some time, so try using a filter that returns a smaller set of records.

Stonefield Query seems slow loading reports after I log in.

If you have a lot of reports (hundreds or even thousands), it can take a little while to load all those reports. A few things you can do to improve performance are:

  • Close the "All reports" tag so it doesn't have to load every single report after you log in.

  • Close other report tags so they aren't open.

  • Use Google Chrome as your browser; it's much faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  • If a view of all reports is necessary, use Flat View since performance is better.

  • If you're using Internet Explorer, make sure your browser isn't displaying the site in Compatibility View. To change that, choose the Tools (gear) icon, select "Compatibility View Settings," and turn off "Display intranet sites in compatibility view."

A report I want to schedule doesn't appear in step 2 of the Schedule Wizard.

Only reports without ask-at-runtime filter conditions are displayed, since a schedule can't stop to ask for the values of such a report.

Some of the data in my report uses characters in languages other than English, such as Thai or Chinese. When I preview the report, it displays these characters correctly. However, when I output to PDF, they appear as boxes.

Unicode characters are only displayed properly when the font contains appropriate glyphs (images that represent characters). Thus, you need to use a font, such as Arial Unicode MS or MS Gothic, whicht contains all the necessary glyphs for the desired language. You can use one of the "Unicode" templates, which use Arial Unicode MS, or create your own template. If you're interested in reading about glyphs, see the Character sets and codepages article on the Microsoft web site.

I'm having a problem with a component called Loupe. How can I resolve this?

Loupe is used for error handling. It can be disabled by doing the following:

  • Edit web.config in the root of the program folder using any text editor (such as Notepad) and in the section, find this entry:

      <add key="useloupe" value="true" />

    Change the "true" to "false."

  • Edit logger.config in the Logs folder and remove this line:

      <appender name="GibraltarAppender"
          type="Stonefield.Query.Web.GibraltarAppender, SQ WEB" >

I'm getting an "unknown error" when trying to activate my license.

This error can occur if you're using a proxy server on your network. To tell your browser about these settings, do the following:

  • Open the Windows Control Panel.

  • Choose Network and Internet.

  • Choose Internet Options to open the Internet Properties dialog.

  • On the Connections tab, click the LAN settings button. Turn on Use a proxy server for your LAN and enter the proxy server address and port number.

Labels don't appear on the x-axis of my chart.

This can happen if the labels are very long. In that case, increase the height of the chart in step 5.

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