Before you can access Stonefield Query, you have to log in. Enter the user name and password you were assigned (initially, these are both "admin"). You can also choose the data source you wish to use (a data source is a particular database you want to report on). You can change to a different data source any time by choosing the Change Data Source function from the Tools menu.

When you first use Stonefield Query, it runs as a 30-day "unactivated" version. This version has all of the features of the full-working program, except it only functions for 30 days after running it for the first time. Once the unactivated period has expired, the following message appears on the Login page: "The demo period has expired. Please log in with an administrator account to resolve this issue." As the message suggests, login as "admin" or some other administrative user. See the Managing Licenses topic for information on how to add a license or enter an extension code.

The Reports Explorer appears next. You can select an existing report and print or preview it, or create a new report if you are using a Report Designer license.

To display help information, choose Help Topics from the Help menu.