Namespace Stonefield.Library

This topic tree describes the Stonefield.Library namespace.

  AssemblyFunctions The class provides functions related to assemblies.
  ColorFunctions Helper extension methods for converting color to hex values. Borrowed from
  ContextHelper The class provides context functions.
  CRC16 This static class provides functions that calculate CRC-16 values.
  CRC32 This class provides functions that calculate CRC-32 values.
  DataFunctions This static class provides functions when working with databases.
  DateFunctions This static class provides functions for working with dates.
  Diagnostics This static class provides functions useful when doing diagnostics, such as how long a process took and how much memory it used.
  DontAutomaticallyTestAttribute Use this attribute for properties you don't want automatically tested using PropertyTest.
  DriveFunctions This class provides drive functions.
  ExcelFunctions This class provides method related to Microsoft Excel.
  FilePathFunctions This class provides file and path functions.
  FTPFunctions This class provides functions to create directories and upload files to an FTP server.
  HashFunctions This class generates and compares hashes using MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512 hashing algorithms. Before computing a hash, it appends a randomly generated salt to the plain text, and stores this salt appended to the result. To verify another plain text value against the given hash, this class will retrieve the salt value from the hash string and use it when computing a new hash of the plain text. Appending a salt value to the hash may not
  ListExtensions A set of extension methods for the .NET Generic List collection
  ObjectFunctions This class provides methods that work with objects.
  OdbcDSN The class represents an ODBC DSN.
  OdbcFunctions ODBC API function wrapper. Note that when testing this, both 32-bit and 64-bit USER DSNs are visible in the resulting list. MSDN KB article on this:
  OSProperties This class contains properties about the operating system.
  ProcessorCollection This class contains a list of processor properties.
  ProcessorProperties This class provides properties about the processor.
  ReflectionFunctions The class provides reflection-related methods.
  RegistryFunctions Functions to read from and write to the Windows Registry.
  SecurityFunctions The class provides security-related methods.
  StringFunctions This static class provides string handling functions.
  TextMeasurer This class measures the width of some text in pixels using a specified font and size.
  TextSize This struct contains a string value, its size in pixels using a certain font and size, its length in characters, and the font.
  ZipLibrary This class provides zipping functions.
  IOSProperties The interface for OSProperties.
  IProcessorProperties The interface for ProcessorProperties.