FieldCollection Constructor


public FieldCollection(IProvider provider,
	ILocalizer localizer,
	IEvaluatorFactory<string> evaluatorFactory,
	IPluginRepository plugins,
	ILogger logger,
	ITableCollection tables,
	ISecurity security,
	IMetaDataRoleCollection roles,
	IConfigurationSettings config,
	ISQApplication app);


IProvider provider
A configured provider.

ILocalizer localizer
A localizer.

IEvaluatorFactory<string> evaluatorFactory
An evaluator factory.

IPluginRepository plugins
A plugin repository.

ILogger logger
A logger.

ITableCollection tables
The tables collection for the data dictionary.

ISecurity security
The application security object.

IMetaDataRoleCollection roles
The meta data roles collection.

IConfigurationSettings config
The application configuration manager.

ISQApplication app
The application object.


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Class FieldCollection