DataDictionary Constructor

The constructor needs configured ILocalizer, IEvaluatorFactory, ISecurity, and IConfiguration objects. This constructor is intended to be called from consuming applications like SQ.WEB and SQ.WPF, because no outside knowledge of a provider is required (data dictionary sets itself up in this case).

public  DataDictionary(ILocalizer localizer,
	IEvaluatorFactory<string> evaluatorFactory,
	ISecurity security,
	IConfigurationSettings configuration,
	IPluginRepository plugins,
	ILogManager logManager,
	IMessageManager messageManager,
	ISQApplication app);


ILocalizer localizer
A localizer.

IEvaluatorFactory<string> evaluatorFactory
An evaluator factory.

ISecurity security
The application security object.

IConfigurationSettings configuration
The application configuration manager.

IPluginRepository plugins
A plugin repository.

ILogManager logManager
The diagnostic logging manager.

IMessageManager messageManager

ISQApplication app


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Class DataDictionary

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