There are several settings you can customize in the appSettings section of web.config in the SQWeb folder. You can use any text editor (such as Notepad) to edit these settings. Do not alter any part of web.config other than the items listed below or Stonefield Query may not work properly or at all.

The settings you can edit are:

  • Stonefield Query can run in an IFrame by default. To disable this behavior, set the "supportiframes" setting to false.

  • Loupe, a utility from Gibraltar Software (, provides advanced logging features and an easy-to-use (and free) log viewer. By default, Stonefield Query uses Loupe for logging. If you encounter problems with Loupe, change the "useloupe" setting to false. Also, edit logger.config in the Logs folder and remove this line:

      <appender name="GibraltarAppender" type="Stonefield.Query.Web.GibraltarAppender, SQ WEB" >
  • By default, Stonefield Query uses absolute positioning to render a report in the Preview window. While that normally works well, under some conditions, you may wish to use HTML tables instead. In that case, change the "usetablelayout" setting to true.