The Tags table contains the tags defined in the Tag Editor in Stonefield Query. Formulas are stored in a table named Fields. The database(s) containing these tables can be SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, or any other database with a .NET provider; see the Using Other Databases for Security and Other Data topic for details. The connection information for both is stored in ApplicationSettings.xml in the App_Data folder. Because the data dictionary database contains a table named Fields, formulas cannot be stored in the data dictionary database. Typically, Tags and Fields are stored in the same database as the security tables.

The Fields table used for formulas has the same structure as the Fields table in the data dictionary database. The structure of the Tags table is shown below. IDs are Globally Unique Identifiers (Guid) stored as char(36).

ID char(36) The unique ID.
Name varchar(128) The tag name.
ParentTag char(36) The ID of the parent tag for this tag, blank if the tag has no parent.
Expression text The expression to use for a dynamic tag, blank for a regular tag.
Tenant char(36) The ID of the tenant this tag belongs to; blank if the Support Multi-Tenant Environment configuration setting is False or if the tag doesn't belong to any tenant.