Stonefield Query

If an error occurs in Stonefield Query, it usually displays a message indicating what the problem is. However, certain types of errors, especially those that occur at startup, may not give a clear message. In that case, edit web.config using a text editor such as Notepad and scroll down to the line with this text:

trust level="Full"

After that line, insert the following line:

<customErrors mode="Off"/>

Save the file and restart the application pool. When you run Stonefield Query, you'll see what the actual error is rather than the generic one. That should indicate what direction to go next to track down the problem. Be sure to remove the "customErrors" line from web.config after the problem is resolved.

Stonefield Query Studio

If an error occurs in Stonefield Query Studio, often the following dialog is displayed:

As this dialog states, the problem is only temporary but we need your help to track it down and resolve it. To do that, enter any comments you think would be useful to us in the box indicated, then press the Send button to send diagnostic information about the error to us. If the Send button is disabled or a message appears indicating that the information couldn't be sent, click the Save button to create a text file named Error.txt with information about the error and send it to Technical Support. Note that the contact information in the Set Contact Information dialog is used so please make sure those settings are correct.

After you've done that, you may see a Continue button. If so and you wish to continue working in Studio, click that button. If it doesn't appear or you wish to exit, click Quit.