Namespace Stonefield.Query.ConfigurationManager

This topic tree describes the Stonefield.Query.ConfigurationManager namespace.

  ApplicationSettings Configuration settings for the application.
  ConfigurationSettings This is the main ConfigurationSettings class. It has properties for the different types of configuration settings that need to be available in Stonefield Query.
  ConnectionSetting This class has the properties for a connection string in a config file.
  CustomProjectSetting This class represents a single custom project setting.
  Defaults Contains the default values for settings.
  EmailSettings Email-related settings.
  EnvironmentSettings Environment-related settings such as folders being used.
  ProjectSettings Project settings set in Stonefield Query Studio.
  ResourceSettings Resource settings for the application.
  UserResource A user resource.
  UserSettings User-specific settings.
  UserSettingsCollection A collection of user-specific settings by user.
  UtilityObjects Settings for XmlReader and XmlWriter.
  HowToFilterUnfavoredTable This enumeration specifies the values for the default of how to handle a filter condition on the unfavored table of an outer join.
  IApplicationSettings The interface for ApplicationSettings.
  IConfigurationSettings The interface for ConfigurationSettings.
  IConnectionSetting The interface for ConnectionSetting.
  ICustomProjectSetting The interface for CustomProjectSetting.
  IEmailSettings The interface for EmailSettings.
  IEnvironmentSettings The interface for EnvironmentSettings.
  IProjectSettings The interface for ProjectSettings.
  IResourceSettings The interface for ResourceSettings.
  IUserSettings The interface for UserSettings.
  IUserSettingsCollection The interface for UserSettingsCollection.
  IUtilityObjects The interface for UtilityObjects.
  IUserResource The interface for UserResource.