Namespace Stonefield.Query.Scheduling

This topic tree describes the Stonefield.Query.Scheduling namespace.

  ScheduleDaysOfWeek An representing specific days of the week.
  ScheduleMonthsOfYear representing specific months of the year.
  ScheduleTriggerType An enumeration representing the different types of triggers.
  ScheduleWeeksOfMonth An enumeration representing specific weeks of a month.
  IReportTask The interface for ReportTask.
  ISchedule The interface for Schedule.
  IScheduleCollection The interface for ScheduleCollection.
  IScheduleDailyTrigger The interface for ScheduleDailyTrigger.
  IScheduleMonthlyTrigger The interface for ScheduleWeeklyTrigger.
  IScheduler The interface for Scheduler.
  IScheduleTrigger The interface for schedule triggers.
  IScheduleWeeklyTrigger The interface for ScheduleWeeklyTrigger.