Namespace Stonefield.Query.ReportEngine

This topic tree describes the Stonefield.Query.ReportEngine namespace.

  TopOptions Defines the TOP settings for a report.
  ReportCollectionChangedEventArgs A special event argument class that is passed to the ReportCollectionUpdated event.
  BarcodeOptions This class contains options used for a barcode in a report.
  ChartField Defines a field used in a chart report.
  ChartFieldCollection This class is the collection of fields for a chart report.
  ChartReport This class represents a chart report.
  COMHelper This is a helper class with methods COM clients can use to set properties of objects.
  ConditionalFormat This class provides conditional formatting information for a ReportField object.
  CrossTabField A field used in a cross-tab report.
  CrossTabFieldCollection This class is the collection of fields for a cross-tab report.
  CrossTabReport This class represents a cross-tab report.
  CustomJoin This class contains information about custom joins for a report.
  GroupFilterCollection A collection of group filter conditions.
  GroupFilterCondition This class specifies how to group filter a report.
  GroupSort This class specifies how to group sort a report.
  LabelField This class represents a field in a label report.
  LabelFieldCollection This class is the collection of fields for a label report.
  LabelReport This class represents a label report.
  LabelStyle This class contains properties for available label styles.
  LabelStyles This class maintains a collection of label styles.
  LinkedReport Represents a linked report, which is one report called from another, usually to create a master-detail type of report.
  LinkedReportCollection This class is the collection of LinkedReports for a quick report.
  LinkedReportParameter A parameter to be passed to a linked report.
  Margin This class defines the margins of a report.
  Parameter A parameter in a report.
  ParameterCollection A collection of parameters for a report.
  PropertyValue This class maintains property name and value pairs used in ConditionalFormat objects.
  QuickReport This class represents a quick (row and column style) report.
  QuickReportField A field used in a quick report.
  QuickReportFieldCollection This class is the collection of fields for a quick report.
  Report The base class for a report.
  ReportCollection A collection of reports. The collection is automatically loaded when Stonefield Query starts from the report files in the folder specified in the RootFolder property.
  ReportExportOptions Specifies options used when exporting a report.
  ReportExtensions Provides extensions to report objects.
  ReportField The base class for a field in a report.
  ReportFieldCollection The base class for report field collections in reports.
  ReportLayout This class is a subclass of DevExpress.XtraReport so it provides a layer between IReport and XtraReport. See for documentation on this class.
  Styles The styles to use for a control.
  TableSQLStatement This class represents one of the SQL statements for a report. There may be only a single SQL statement or one for each table.
  Tag This class represents a tag for a report.
  TagCollection The collection of tags used for reports.
  Template Specifies information about a report template.
  TemplateCollection A collection of Templates.
  FieldFormat Describes how fields are formatted.
  Dashboard This class represents a dashboard.
  DashboardReport This class represents a dashboard report.
  MessageReportCreator A helper class for creating a report layout with static text in the header, intended for showing information (errors and notifications) to the user inside a report preview window
  ReportBase The base class for a report.
  TemplateCollectionChangedEventArgs A special event argument class that is passed to the TemplateCollectionUpdated event.
  ReportEngine The main class for managing and running reports.
  ReportWithLinkedReport A parent class for reports that support linking to other reports.
  SQBarCode A bar code control in a report.
  SQCheckbox A checkbox control in a report.
  SQLabel A label control in a report.
  SQPictureBox An image control in a report.
  SQRichText A rich text control in a report.
  SQZipCode A zip code control in a report.
  AddDistinctType This enumeration defines the range of values for the Report.AddDistinct property.
  BarCodeTypes The types of bar codes available.
  DateFormats Defines how a date value should be formatted.
  DateFormatsCrossTab Defines how a date value in a cross-tab report should be formatted.
  FileTypes Defines the type of file output supported.
  LinkedActionTypes Defines the ways a report can be linked to another report.
  LinkedReportParameterTypes Defines the ways a report can be linked to another report.
  LinkedReportTypes Defines the types of linking available between reports.
  OrientationType This enumeration defines the range of values for the Report.Orientation property.
  OutputTypes The types of report output.
  RenderPlatforms Specifies the type of platform a report is being run on.
  ReportFontStyles Font styles.
  ReportResult Indicates whether the report run was successful or why it failed.
  SortDirection This enum defines the direction for sorting: Ascending or Descending.
  SQControlTypes The types of control used for report output.
  SummaryTypes This enum defines the choices for ReportField.SummaryType.
  TopTypes The type of TOP clause to use in a report.
  GroupStartTypes This enum defines the choices for QuickReportField.GroupStart.
  PercentOfTotalTypes Specifies whether to add a column showing a field as a percentage of either the row or column total.
  TextAlignment This enum defines the choices for ReportField.HorizontalAlignment.
  TotalLocations Defines the location of row and column totals.
  ReportTypes The types of reports Stonefield Query supports.
  LinkedReportLocation This indicates the location of a linked report.
  LegendDisplayTypes This is the enum for ChartReport.LegendDisplayType.
  ICustomJoin The interface for CustomJoin.
  IGroupFilterCollection The interface for GroupFilterCollection.
  IGroupFilterCondition The interface for GroupFilterCondition.
  IGroupSort The interface for GroupSort.
  ILinkedReport The interface for linked reports.
  ILinkedReportParameter The interfasce for LinkedReportParameter.
  IMargin The interface for Report.Margins.
  IParameter The interface for Parameter objects.
  IParameterCollection An interface for ParameterCollection.
  IReport Represents a report.
  IReportCollection An interface describing the behavior for a collection of reports.
  IReportCreator This is the interface for a set of classes used to generate report layouts
  IReportEngine The interface for <Stonefield.Query.ReportEngine>.
  IReportExportOptions The interface for ReportExportOptions.
  IReportField This represents a field in a report.
  IReportFieldCollection This provides the collection of fields for a report.
  ITableSQLStatement The interface for TableSQLStatement.
  ITag The interface for Tags.
  ITagCollection The interface for TagCollection.
  ITemplate Represents a template.
  ITemplateCollection An interface describing the behavior for a collection of templates.
  IFieldFormat The interface for field formats.
  IDashboard Represents a dashboard.
  IDashboardReport Represents a report that's part of a dashboard
  IReportBase Represents a report.