Namespace Stonefield.Query.Plugins

This topic tree describes the Stonefield.Query.Plugins namespace.

  StonefieldQueryFormatterAttribute An attribute applied to plugin functions to indicate they're used to dynamically format a field.
  PluginSource The type of plugin; specified in the attribute for the plugin class.
  SetupOptionTypes The type of setup option. Used by the OptionType property of IStonefieldQuerySetupOption.
  IPluginRepository The interface for plugin repositories.
  IStonefieldQueryApplicationPlugin The interface that Application plugins must implement.
  IStonefieldQueryApplicationPluginMetaData The meta data for application plugins.
  IStonefieldQueryBasePlugin All the specific plugin types must extend this interface.
  IStonefieldQueryBasePluginMetaData The meta data for all plugins.
  IStonefieldQueryDataDictionaryPlugin The interface that DataDictionary plugins must implement.
  IStonefieldQueryDataDictionaryPluginMetaData The meta data for data dictionary plugins.
  IStonefieldQueryDataEnginePlugin The interface that Data Engine plugins must implement.
  IStonefieldQueryDataEnginePluginMetaData The meta data for data engine plugins.
  IStonefieldQueryPluginHandler The interface for plugin handlers.
  IStonefieldQueryReportEnginePlugin The interface that ReportEngine plugins must implement.
  IStonefieldQueryReportEnginePluginMetaData The meta data for report engine plugins.
  IStonefieldQuerySetupOption The interface for setup options.
  IStonefieldQuerySetupPlugin The interface that Setup plugins must implement.
  IStonefieldQuerySetupPluginMetaData The meta data for setup plugins.
  IStonefieldQueryUDFHandler The interface that user-defined function handlers must implement.
  IStonefieldQueryUDFType Specifies information about user-defined functions.
  IStonefieldQueryValueConverterPlugin The interface that Value Converter plugins must implement.
  IStonefieldQueryValueConverterPluginMetaData The meta data for value converter plugins.
  IStonefieldQueryValuesMethodPlugin The interface that ValuesMethod plugins must implement.
  IStonefieldQueryValuesMethodPluginMetaData The meta data for values method plugins.
  IStonefieldQueryVirtualTablePlugin The interface that VirtualTable plugins must implement.
  IStonefieldQueryVirtualTablePluginMetaData The meta data for virtual table plugins.
  IStonefieldQueryFormatter The interface for StonefieldQueryFormatter.
  IStonefieldQueryWebActionPlugin The interface that Web Action plugins must implement.
  IStonefieldQueryWebActionPluginMetaData The meta data for web action plugins.