Namespace Stonefield.Query.Filtering

This topic tree describes the Stonefield.Query.Filtering namespace.

  AndConnection Represents an AND connection between conditions.
  ConditionValue The value for a filter condition.
  ConditionValues A collection of values for a filter condition.
  FilterCondition A FilterCondition object contains the properties for a condition in the filter, exclusion filter, or group filter of a report.
  FilterConditions FilterConditions provides a collection of FilterCondition objects, which describe the filter conditions (exclusion conditions in the case of the ExcludeConditions property) for a particular report.
  FilterConnection The base class for objects connecting filter conditions.
  Operator The base class for filter condition operators.
  OperatorBegins The "begins with" operator.
  OperatorBetween The "is between" operator.
  OperatorBlank The "is blank" operator.
  OperatorContains The "contains" operator.
  OperatorEnds The "ends with" operator.
  OperatorEquals The "equals" operator.
  OperatorGreater The "greater than" operator.
  OperatorGreaterEqual The "greater than or equal" operator.
  OperatorLess The "less than" operator.
  OperatorLessEqual The "less than or equal" operator.
  OperatorOneOf The "is one of" operator.
  Operators This static class maintains a collection of operators and provides a method to retrieve those operators used for a certain data type.
  OperatorYes The "is Yes" operator.
  OrConnection Represents an OR connection between conditions.
  ConditionValueTypes Defines the type of the value for a filter condition.
  IConditionValue The interface for ConditionValue objects.
  IConditionValues The interface for ConditionValues.
  IFilterCondition The interface for FilterCondition.
  IFilterConditions The interface for FilterCondition.
  IFilterConnection The interface for FilterConnection.
  IOperator The interface for Operator.