Namespace Stonefield.Query.DataDictionary

This topic tree describes the Stonefield.Query.DataDictionary namespace.

  ApplicationView An application view defines a set of fields.
  ApplicationViewCollection A collection of application views in the data dictionary.
  ApplicationViewField A field in an application view.
  ApplicationViewFieldCollection A collection of application view fields in the data dictionary.
  CalculatedField A calculated field in the data dictionary.
  Database A logical database in the data dictionary.
  DatabaseCollection A collection of databases in the data dictionary.
  DataDictionary The application data dictionary. The members of this class contain the fields, tables, joins, and other objects of the data dictionary.
  DataGroup Datagroups logically organize tables.
  DataGroupCollection A collection of datagroups in the data dictionary.
  Field A field in the data dictionary.
  FieldCollection A collection of fields in the data dictionary.
  FieldSerializer This class implements the Serialize and Deserialize methods to handle Field objects.
  GroupingCalculatedField A formula in the data dictionary.
  Join Join defines a relationship between a pair of tables.
  JoinCollection The collection of joins in the data dictionary.
  JoinExpression JoinExpression defines a simple join expression, such as ChildTable.ChildField = ParentTable.ParentField.
  JoinTree Defines what joins to use for a specific pair of tables. This helps the engine decide which path to use when multiple paths area available.
  JoinTreeCollection A collection of join trees in the data dictionary.
  MetaDataCollection The parent class for meta data collection classes.
  MetaDataObject The parent class for all meta data objects.
  MetaDataRole A role defined in the data dictionary.
  MetaDataRoleCollection Maintains a collection of Role objects.
  Parameter A parameter in a report.
  StoredProcedure Represents a stored procedure in the data dictionary.
  StoredProcedureCollection A collection of stored procedures in the data dictionary.
  Table A table in the data dictionary.
  TableCollection A collection of tables in the data dictionary.
  ConnectionTypes Defines the connection types available to a Database.
  ContentTypes Indicates what type of content a field contains.
  ExpressionTypes This enum contains the range of values for Field.ExpressionType.
  JoinTypes This enum represents the type of join between tables.
  IApplicationView The interface for ApplicationView.
  IApplicationViewCollection The interface for ApplicationViewCollection.
  IApplicationViewField The interface for ApplicationViewField.
  IApplicationViewFieldCollection The interface for ApplicationViewFieldCollection.
  ICalculatedField The interface for CalculatedField.
  IDatabase The interface for Database.
  IDatabaseCollection A collection of databases.
  IDataDictionary The interface for DataDictionary.
  IDataGroup The interface for DataGroup.
  IDataGroupCollection The interface for DataGroupCollection.
  IField The interface for Field.
  IFieldCollection The interface for FieldCollection.
  IGroupingCalculatedField The interface for GroupingCalculatedField.
  IJoin The interface for Join.
  IJoinCollection The interface for JoinCollection.
  IJoinExpression The interface for JoinExpression.
  IJoinTree The interface for JoinTree.
  IJoinTreeCollection The interface for JoinTreeCollection.
  IMetaDataCollection The parent interface for all meta data collections.
  IMetaDataObject The parent interface for all meta data objects.
  IMetaDataRole The interface for MetaDataRole.
  IMetaDataRoleCollection The interface for MetaDataRoleCollection.
  IParameter The interface for Parameter objects.
  IStoredProcedure The interface for StoredProcedure.
  IStoredProcedureCollection A collection of stored procedures.
  ITable The interface for Table.
  ITableCollection The interface for TableCollection.
  FilterUnfavoredTableLocation This enumeration indicates how to handle a filter condition on the unfavored table of an outer join.