When an error occurs in Stonefield Query, you may want to create a support ticket in your support ticket system. Obviously, Stonefield Query doesn't know how to do that, so you can put code in the CreateSupportTicket method of an application plugin to handle that.

Stonefield Query comes with ApplicationPlugin.dll in the SQWeb\Plugins folder. This plugin creates a support ticket in Stonefield's ticket system. You likely don't want that behavior, so be sure to erase that file if you don't want support tickets created at all of if you're using your own plugin with that method.


public object CreateSupportTicket(Exception exception,
    List<string> attachments, string message)


The exception object with information about the error.

A list of filenames to attach to the ticket. This includes the application log and, if the error occurred when running or designing a report, the SFX file for the report.

Text the user entered in the error dialog.

Return value

Anything you want displayed to the user, such as a ticket number, after creating the ticket.

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