Here are the features in Stonefield Query Enterprise that are new compared to the older Stonefield Query.

User Interface

Stonefield Query is now available with a web front-end.

Quick Reports and Labels

  • You can now display Boolean (Yes or No) values in a checkbox.

  • Fields containing rich text and HTML display with full formatting.

  • There's built-in support for bar codes, QR codes, and zip codes.

  • In addition to drilldown reports, you can now create reports with embedded subreports.

  • Fields containing images are easily displayed.

  • You can now sort groups on subtotals.

  • You can place one field under another without using the Advanced Report Designer.

  • A complete set of label styles, including international styles, is included.

Cross-Tab Reports

  • You can now have multiple column fields.

  • You can now sort on totals rather than just alphabetically on the first row field.

  • Using template styles, you can choose different colors for different parts of the cross-tab.

  • You can place row totals at the start of the row if desired.

  • Two features in the older version aren't currently supported: reports can't start each group on a new page and you can't rotate column headings.

Charts and Dashboards

  • There are many more types of charts available.

  • You have exact control over where each report appears and how often it refreshes in a dashboard.

All Report Types

  • You can now filter on subtotals.

  • A lot more formats are available for date and date/time fields, such as displaying date and time in 12- or 24-hour formats. You can also specify a custom format for numbers.

  • You have more control over paper type and margins.

  • Reports are automatically localized, although you can turn that off if necessary.

  • You can have more than one report with the same name.


  • You have a lot more control over which functions each role can use. For example, you can allow user to add filter conditions but not fields to existing reports.

  • You can mark a user as inactive, which means they are still defined to the system but can't log in. You have to delete the user in the older version to prevent them from logging in.

  • You can force the logoff of a specific user.

Other Differences

  • Stonefield Query can now access 64-bit data sources as well as 32-bit.

  • A scheduled task can now include multiple reports, each with different output settings if desired.

  • The Template Editor isn't available in the web front-end but is a separate, desktop application.

  • Some features in the older version aren't available in the web version:

    • Check for News function

    • Usage reporting

    • Find Report Using Field function

    • report snapshots

    • warning if there's no filter for a report when it's run

    • user-specified code at various places of a report run

    • external reports

    • batch reports aren't supported but since they're typically used to schedule multiple reports in the older version and the web version already supports that, they aren't needed.

    • gauges