To launch Stonefield Query for the currently open project, click the Launch Stonefield Query button () in the toolbar. You can also choose Launch Stonefield Query from the File menu.

You can test your configuration by ensuring the proper application name appears in various dialogs, the proper captions appear for tables and fields, and that reports you create provide the correct results. If you find things that must be changed, exit from Stonefield Query, make the appropriate changes in Studio, and launch Stonefield Query again.

Before launching Stonefield Query Enterprise Web, you might want to configure Studio about how to launch it using the settings on the Options page.

If Stonefield Query is supposed to connect to a 32-bit data source, you'll need to launch the 32-bit version. In that case, turn on the Prompt for 32-bit vs 64-bit version setting in the Options page. When you launch Stonefield Query, you're prompted for which version to launch.

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