Stonefield Query Enterprise Studio is the tool a software developer or consultant uses to create a customized version of Stonefield Query Enterprise for a particular application's data.

Running Stonefield Query Enterprise Studio is easy: just double-click the Stonefield Query Enterprise Studio icon on your Windows desktop. Alternatively, click the Start button in your Windows Taskbar, choose Programs, choose the program group you told the installation process to put Stonefield Query in, and choose Stonefield Query Enterprise Studio.

If your copy isn't activated, a Welcome dialog appears informing you of that and providing an option to activate the program. If you click OK to close the dialog, Studio runs in unactivated mode. Please note that you must activate Studio within 30 days after you run it for the first time or it stops working. If that happens and you still need time to evaluate Stonefield Query, contact for Stonefield Query Enterprise Studio extension code to request an extension code and enter that code when prompted.

Unless you have Studio configured to load the last project at startup, when you open Studio, it displays the Start Page. See the Working with Stonefield Query Enterprise Studio help topic for detailing information on the Studio user interface.