When you run Stonefield Query Studio, if your copy isn't activated, a Welcome dialog appears informing you of that and providing an option to activate the program. If you click OK to close the dialog, Studio runs in unactivated mode. Please note that you must activate Studio within 30 days after you run it for the first time or it stops working. If that happens and you still need time to evaluate Stonefield Query, contact mailto:sales@stonefieldquery.com?subject=Request for Stonefield Query Enterprise Studio extension code to request an extension code and enter that code when prompted.

When you purchase Stonefield Query, you can activate the program. There's nothing new to install and all of the reports you created are still available. See the Activating Stonefield Query Studio topic for details.

Similarly, your user's copy of Stonefield Query runs as an "unactivated" version until they activate it. However, you can control how many days they have to evaluate the software before activating it, up to a maximum of 30 days (the default). To use a shorter period, change the Number of Days for Demo Version configuration setting.