Stonefield Query Studio uses the following key for its Windows Registry settings:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Stonefield Software Inc.\Stonefield Query Studio.Net

The only value that exists under this key is Settings, which contains some internal settings, stored in binary, which Stonefield Query Studio requires.

The following values exist under the DD Explorer subkey:

  • ActiveTheme: the theme selected in Stonefield Query Studio.

  • Height, Left, Top, Width, and WindowState: these contain the size and position of the Stonefield Query Studio window the last time it was used so it can be displayed at the same size and position the next time.

  • Last Project: the location of the project that was opened the last time Stonefield Query Studio was used so it can automatically be opened the next time.

  • LastUpdate: contains the date of the last time Stonefield Query Studio checked for an update.

  • NavBarButtonsShown: the number of bars displayed in the Microsoft Outlook-like control in Stonefield Query Studio.

  • Recent Projects: contains information about recently used projects so they can be displayed in the Start page.

  • SelectedPanel: not currently used in Stonefield Query Studio.

  • SortAlpha: "N" if fields are sorted in the physical order they appear in their tables or "Y" if they are sorted alphabetically.

  • SplitterPosition: the position of the splitter in Stonefield Query Studio.

Several values exist under the Registration subkey. These values come from the dialog that appears the first time you run Studio.