Stonefield Query for

A user-friendly database report writing, query, and data mining tool designed specifically for GoldMine®

Now you can put Business Intelligence reporting in the hands of the end-user where it belongs.

Stonefield Query has been customized specifically for GoldMine® giving you an intuitive, easy-to-use BI reporting solution that you will love!

Stonefield Query has all of the built-in features you expect in an enterprise reporting solution including a Report Scheduler, Role-based Security, Report Templates, Drill Downs, Exclusion/Inclusion Filters, Emailed Reports, Customizable SQL Select, Advanced Report Designer and Multiple Output Options.

Now your sales people, administrative staff, and management can take advantage of the wealth of information stored in your GoldMine® system when they need it.

You can create elegant and persuasive Quick Reports, Charts/Graphs, Cross-Tabulation Reports and Labels (mailing, barcode, etc) in minutes with little or no technical knowledge. No more waiting for the already overburdened IT or report developers to build reports on their timetable.

GoldMine® Specific Features

- Works with GoldMine version 9.0 and earlier

- All fields (even user-defined fields) appear with the caption you've assigned (global or local label) rather than the field name or "User-Defined 2"

- Fields are organized into logical groups (matching the tabs that appear in GoldMine®) rather than their actual tables

- Can create groups in GoldMine®

- Includes more than 60 pre-defined Sample Reports

- Detail Types you've customized in GoldMine® appear as separate tables in Stonefield Query, showing only the appropriate information for that particular Detail Type

- If you use Details Plus, Stonefield Query will use the customized headings and data types you specify in Details Plus

- You can link a report to GoldMine® so that clicking on a field in that report automatically moves GoldMine to the selected Contact record

- Can report on QuoteWerks data stored in GoldMine®

Create a Quick Report for Goldmine

approx 10 min
This getting started video will provide you with an overview of the six steps in the
Quick Report Wizard to help you create your first report.

Try Stonefield Query with your GoldMine® data today by downloading our free trial version.

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