Stonefield Query enables your company to meet its reporting needs quickly and efficiently.

Stonefield has developed custom user-friendly reporting solutions for the following products using the Stonefield Query SDK:
AccountMate, ACT!,Alere, Goldmine, Heat, Sage Accpac ERP®, Sage BusinessVision®, Sage Pro ERP®, SalesLogix®

Whether you are a project manager, business intelligence analyst, programmer or end user, you’ll find Stonefield Query is a powerful query builder and report writer. It has a simple "wizard" interface which allows you to create your own reports in just minutes.

Simply select which fields to report on from the list of available fields and you're done!

For finer control, you can customize how each field appears, including column heading, grouping, and totaling. The easy-to-use filter menu allows you to include or exclude specific records. Use the sort page to order the information as you need it. Finally, save the report so you can edit it, copy it, or make it available to others to run.

Download the trial and experience Stonefield Query with your data today.

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